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Notice to all Trainers

It has come to the attention of TRNT Stewards that there have been instances at recent race meetings whereby trainers have been using plastic bottles and assorted types of containers to rinse water through a horse’s mouth in the race day stalls prior to racing or applying a tongue tie. From a perception perspective this practise is not permitted and is also a breach of AR178A(1) which states:

No person, unless he has first obtained the written permission of Stewards, shall have in his possession on a racecourse where a race meeting is being conducted or in any motor vehicle, horse float or other mode of transport used for the purpose of conveying a horse or horses to and/or from a race meeting any prohibited substance or a syringe, needle, naso-gastric tube or other instrument that could be used –

(a)  to administer a prohibited substance to a horse; or

(b)  to produce a prohibited substance in a horse

TRNT Stewards place all NT trainers and visiting trainers on notice that this practice is not permitted and the only approved method to wash out a horse’s mouth prior to competing in a race is with the use of running water from a hose.

TRNT Chairman of Stewards

5th June, 2018


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