Saturday, 8th July 2017

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True Position
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), D Westover, R Hamilton, S Copelin, P Carrol (Betting & Form Analysis)
Deputy Stewards: A Johnston (Assistant to the Stewards), L Ross (Clerk Of Scales)
Number of Races: 9
Number of Runners: 85
Stakes Paid: $240,000

Race 1: 0-76 Handicap 1300m

OVERDANE (P Shiers) – Commenced awkwardly.

LADY PHROMILY (J Todd) – Slow into stride. Raced wide on straightening.

ARCTIC SONG (R Vigar) – Knuckled at the start and then bumped. Cast the off hind plate in running.

MORE THAN FRANK (F Bergstrand) – Bumped at the start.

Race 2: Roger Booth Memorial 1100m

GRACIOUS PROSPECT (J Todd) – Bounded at the start.

KIEVANN (P Denton) – Commenced awkwardly.

BOOMWAA (J Lyon) – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages.

GALLANT EXPRESS (S Ridler) – raced wide throughout.

Race 3: 0-66 Handicap 1100m

THE HUMMEL (R Vigar) – Rider accidentally dropped his whip approaching the 100m. When questioned rider explained that in this incident his right hand became entangled in the mane and consequently he momentarily lost control of his reins and became unbalanced in the run to the finish.

ALL THE CREDIT (B Davis) – Steadied near the 650m and compounded from thereon. The gelding returned having bled from both nostrils and trainer G Clarke was advised of  his obligations under AR53A.

WINGARD'S MARK (J Todd) – Commenced awkwardly.

ZOCALOS (S Ridler) – Commenced awkwardly. Raced wide throughout.

ROUGHLY (P Denton) – Commenced awkwardly getting its head in the air.

Race 4: 0-70 Handicap 1600m

Stewards interviewed trainer N Dyer in regards to the riding instructions he intended to give each jockey as his stable had three runners in the event.

JESTWIN (L Miller) – Raced wide from the 1000m.

BEL SIR (R Vigar) – Raced wide throughout. Shifted ground outwards under pressure in the straight.

LAKE JACKSON (W Davis) – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages.

Race 5: 0-64 Handicap 1600m

CHA CHANG (B Davis) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that after being crossed by another runner in the back straight his mount was immediately off the bit and did not appreciate the kickback. He added that when tested with the whip approaching the 200m, the gelding responded and made ground in the run to the finish. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be lame in the off fore. Trainer G Clarke was advised he must present a veterinary clearance for the gelding prior to trialling or racing again.

HELSTAR (R Oakford) – Commenced awkwardly. Raced wide throughout. Trainer G Clarke subsequently reported that the gelding required treatment for an ulcerated eye.

RECONNECT (K Cross) – Slow into stride.

Race 6: 0-58 Handicap 1300m

GOD FORBID (F Bergstrand) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that in her opinion the gelding may have got its tongue over the bit in running and as a result compounded in the straight. Trainer K Petrick agreed with these comments and will consider a gear change for the gelding’s next start. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

HEIRDOM (W Davis) – Raced wide throughout.

FIRST DRAFT (J Lyon) -  Slow into stride.

HIGH TEC (L Miller) – Raced wide throughout.

SENOR JUEZ (J Todd) – Raced in restricted room for a short distance passing the 750m. Impeded for clear running near the 500m.

Race 7: 0-62 Handicap 1200m

FRENCH TUSSON (P Shiers) – Crowded for room over the concluding stages

GROOTE EYLANDT (J Todd) – Commenced awkwardly getting its head in the air. Raced ungenerously rounding the home turn due to the kickback. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have sustained a corneal ulcer (eye).

LOCAL AFFAIR (R Vigar) – Had a tendency to lay outwards from the 1000m.

EXERT  (V Arnott) -  Raced wide on straightening.

OAKFIELD SUNRISE (C Spry) – Slow into stride.

NICCOROSSA (R Oakford) - Slow into stride. Raced wide throughout.

Race 8: Darwin Guineas 1600m

ARROW LANE (S Ridler) – Trainer M Hickmott advised that with the addition of blinkers he would issue instructions for the gelding to be ridden more prominently today. This information was disseminated.

DELTA D'OR (J Todd) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that his mount was under pressure leaving the 700m and in his opinion raced in a flat manner. Trainer P Johnston reported that as the gelding had recovered well following the event it will be freshened, and at this stage race over a decreased distance in 3 weeks.

HALOGEM (W Kerford) – Slow into stride.

Race 9: Average Benchmark Handicap 1600m

WAR STORY (J Todd) – Commenced awkwardly. Raced ungenerously rounding the first turn and got its head in the air when being steadied. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

HILLBILLY RICH (R Vigar) – Raced wide throughout.

LIEDER (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped.

FLYING TORMENTA (W Davis) – Bumped at the start and lost ground. Raced wide throughout.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and SO POYSED. Pre race samples were taken from MYWORDSAIDTHEBIRD, GEE ONE EXPRESS, CHA CHANG, THREEPEAT, WAR STORY, HILLBILLY RICH and all runners engaged in race 8.

All riders were subjected to breath analysis testing for the detection of alcohol.


Race 1: Co trainers P Jones/B Joseph fined $100 for presenting OVERDANE without its approved gear – AR140

Race 5: Trainer D Leech fined $100 for presenting CASINO JAKE without its approved gear – AR140

Race 8: Jockey J Lyon fined $500 for a whip breach – AR137A(5)(a)(ii)






Race 3: ALL THE CREDIT bled 1st time – AR53A

Race5: CHA CHANG lame off fore – vet clearance

General from DTC meeting 1 July 2017

Race 2 Hutchinson Builders 0-58 Handicap – 1200m

X rays revealed HIMALAYA FLYER to have bone chips in the off knee. Stewards confirmed with trainer S Paynter that connections must present a vet clearance and the gelding must barrier trial satisfactorily prior to racing again.

Race 7 Ubet ROANT Cup – 1300m

Trainer T Halter reported that HARREBS TIME had required treatment for an abscess in the near fore foot that developed post race from a  stone bruise.

Race 7 Ubet ROANT Cup – 1300m

On 6 July 2017 Stewards resumed an adjourned inquiry from the abovementioned race into jockey J Lyon’s handling of PRETTY BLONDE. The inquiry heard evidence today from J Lyon in person and trainer K Healy via teleconference. Stewards had conducted a review of the mare’s previous races over a similar distance including first up performances in addition to analysing betting activity on the race which did not reveal any irregularities. 

J Lyon advised that he was given general instructions to allow his mount to drop out and work into the race as the mare normally races in a rearward position. He explained that the mare was off the bit in the early stages and lost further ground through the middle stages when reluctant to stretch out fully due to the kickback and consequently raced further back in the field than anticipated. He added that he felt he allowed his mount to travel into the race from the 600m and the mare responded to his hands and heels riding in the straight and finished the race off strongly. Trainer K Healy confirmed these instructions and whilst he had not anticipated the mare racing as far back as she did, he was satisfied with the ride given his rider’s explanation and was impressed with the manner in which PRETTY BLONDE finished the race off when resuming. On the totality of the evidence Stewards were of the opinion that jockey J Lyon had erred in not riding his mount with more vigour in an attempt to improve its position between the 600m and the 200m when it was reasonable and permissible to do so. Whist the Stewards could not be satisfied to the requisite standard that jockey J Lyon’s error of judgement warranted a charge being levelled against him under AR135(b) he was strongly advised of his obligations under this rule.

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

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