Saturday 4th March

Track: Good
Penetrometer: n/a
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), M Hurley, B Lysaght, B Watling
Deputy Stewards: Officials: N Westover Clerk of the Scales: A Korman Judge/Asst Judge: Z Butcher
Number of Races: 5
Number of Runners: 39
Stakes Paid: $58,000

Race 1 Imparja Members Day Handicap 1200 metres

HENRY LAD Late scratching at 1:30 after trainer G Cooke advised the Stewards that the gelding had injured itself in the float en route to the race course.

As there was no book maker on course, there were no betting deductions to announce.

MR GOOD LOOKING (K Brooks) – Raced wide into the home straight and inclined to lay outwards under pressure there after.

FULL MARKS (F Bergstrand) – Taken wide into the home straight by another runner.

MALIBU RAIN (L Crow) – Commenced awkwardly.

REMEMBER RAZOR (C Spry) – Raced ungenerously in the early stages of the event and raced wide throughout.

LET’S DREAM BIG (B Huppatz) – Knuckled slightly on jumping.

HANTUCHOVA (P Denton) – Commenced a little awkwardly losing some ground.

Race 2: Gem Cave Ladies Day Handicap 1100 metres

MOOT (R Vigar) – Shifted inwards from about the 750m.

REMBRANDT (B Huppatz) – Anticipated the start and leaped forward as start effected.

ZIZZELDO (K Brooks) – Bumped with another runner on jumping, had to take hold and steady off heels at about the 700m and lost some ground.

PERFECT PAUSE (P Denton) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

EIGHTEEN BOMBERS (W Kerford) – Had to take hold and steady off heels about the 700m and lost some ground.

PYXIS (F Bergstrand) – On returning to scale was found to have blood on off side front foot. A veterinary examination revealed no lameness evident.

General: Correct weight for this event was delayed after the rider of the third placegetter requested to view the Stewards patrol footage of the back straight from the 800m and rounding the first turn. After viewing the footage correct weight was declared.

Stewards opened an inquiry into an incident that occurred at approximately the 700m. after both ZIZZELDO and EIGHTEEN BOMBERS lost ground. Evidence was taken from R Vigar (MOOT), apprentice K Brooks (ZIZZELDO), and W Kerford (EIGHTEEN BOMBERS). R Vigar was subsequently found guilty of a charge under AR137(a) for careless riding. The specifics of the charge being that from about the 700m. he permitted his mount to shift in when not sufficiently clear of ZIZZELDO and EIGHTEEN BOMBERS causing both riders to take hold of their mounts, losing ground.

Jockey R Vigar had his licence to ride in races suspended from midnight 4th March, to expire midnight 11th March. (1 NT meeting). R Vigar was notified of his right of appeal.

Race 3: Ladbrokes Handicap 1000 metres

GRANDE CASTAGNO (L Crow) – Inclined to lay outwards under pressure down the length of the straight.

MASKA (B Huppatz) – Stood flat-footed as the gates opened and lost ground. Trainer advised that a warning had been placed on the filly and a similar occurrence may result in some action being taken.

SHOGUN STAR (M Tyndall) – Raced wide throughout with no cover.

General: Stewards questioned apprentice L Crow as to her riding manner on GRANDE CASTAGNO from about the 150m when she appeared to become unbalanced. It was noted that L Crow has a tendency to look behind her when her mounts are in front and on this occasion when she looked to her inside she became unbalanced. L Crow has been spoken to on previous occasions in regards to looking back in races. Stewards advised L Crow that in future they would expect her to ride her mounts out fully to the line, and not look behind unless she was attempting to shift ground.

Race 4: Coca Cola Family Day Handicap 1400 metres

B Huppatz replaced C Spry as the rider of EDIT after that rider advised that whilst he would make the weight of that runner, he was feeling the effects of the heat and felt it better not to take the ride. Stewards accepted C Spry’s explanation.

As runners made their way to the barriers for this event, a strong wind came through the race course and as a result a section of the inside running rail from about the 450m to the 300m. had collapsed. As there was an indefinite delay whilst repairs were carried out, Stewards ordered all runners to return to the mounting yard and trainers notified to take their runner back to the day stalls until further notice. Stewards amended the start times for the final two events to commence at: Race 4 4:50, Race 5:20. This information was disseminated to all relevant parties.

All runners underwent a veterinary examination upon returning to the barriers to compete.

EDIT was a late scratching at 4:09 by order of the Stewards after rearing over backwards in the mounting yard and landing heavily on the ground.

As there was no book maker on course, there were no betting deductions to announce.

HILLBILLY RICH (F Bergstrand) – Inclined to lay outwards under pressure over the concluding stages.

Race 5: XXXX Gold Cup Day Handicap 1400 metres

LA LA ROCK (B Huppatz) – Steadied off heels entering into the first turn whilst laying outwards.

RIBERA DEL DUERO (S Altieri) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Momentarily restricted for room in-between runners at the 600m. Inclined to lay outwards under pressure from the 200m.

SNOWTROOPER (R Vigar) – Bumped with another runner on jumping and ridden hard in the early stages to maintain a forward position.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners.

Pre-race sample taken from LA CHIC, FARAJA, GUN RULE, MOOT, EDIT, MASKA.

All riders breath tested for alcohol.


Race 2 Jockey R Vigar (1 NT meeting) AR137(a)


Race 3 MASKA


Race 3 Apprentice L Crow reprimanded for a whip breach AR137A(1)(5)(ii)

D Westover

Stewards Reports

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