Saturday 18th November 2017

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), A Napier, R Hamilton
Deputy Stewards: P Carrol (Deputy), S Copelin (Clerk of Scales), K Hampson (Assistant to the Stewards)
Number of Races: 5
Number of Runners: 36
Stakes Paid: $71,000

Race 1: 0-64 HANDICAP

ZOCALOS (S Ridler) – Raced wide from the 500m.

CELEBRAKTI (R Vigar) – Slow into stride and then ridden vigorously to muster early speed.

HOWDEE  (P Crich) – Raced wide throughout.

FRENCH TUSSON  (V Arnott) – Crowded over the concluding stages.

VILLE DE BERNE  (F Bergstrand) – Returned with heat stress  following the event. The Veterinarian monitored the geldings’ recovery  post race and trainer P Cole subsequently reported that the gelding had recovered without further incident upon return to his stables.


ACTION AGAIN (J Lyon) – Bumped at the start.

HOOK ME UP  (R Vigar) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped


KAPTAN APOLLO (R Vigar) – Steadied after improving close to heels near the 1000m and then raced keenly through the middle stages.

MONTANA AIR (J Lyon) – Raced wide throughout.

ALSOADAMAS (C Spry) – Raced keenly in the middle stages and steadied outwards from heels near the 700m. Lay outwards leaving the 600m and rounding the home turn.

MICKY (F Bergstrand) – Carried outwards and tightened for room near the 700m.


BARTENDER MAN (F Bergstrand) – Tightened for room and restrained near the 1050m. Shifted ground inwards under pressure inside the 50m. The gelding returned with a laceration to the off fore cannon.

BORLUNG  (M Hagley) – Bumped at the start.

EXCEED WITH MAGIC  (V Arnott) – Raced wide throughout.

MATE’S REWARD (P Crich) – Bumped at the start. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer C Pollard subsequently reported the gelding had returned to his stable with swelling to the near fore fetlock.

RABHAAN (K Cross) – Raced wide in running.

General – Stewards inquired into the reason BARTENDER MAN (F Bergstrand) was restrained and lost ground near the 1050m. It was established that shortly after the start OPPERMAN (S Ridler) shifted in and away from RABHAAN (K Cross) which resulted in BORLUNG (M Hagley) being carried inwards and hampered MATE’S REWARD (P Crich). Approaching the 1050m MATE’S REWARD, despite the efforts of its rider, then shifted inwards and away from BORLUNG resulting in BARTENDER MAN being tightened for room and restrained, losing ground. Stewards were satisfied that no rider had ridden in a careless manner in these incidents and therefore no further action was taken.

Race 5: 0-58 HANDICAP

Stewards interviewed trainer D Leech in regards to the riding instructions he intended to issue bearing in mind his stable had three runners in the event.

SNOWY BLACK (R Vigar) – Rider reported that he was obliged to reach down and adjust the iron holding his left foot as his mount rounded the home turn.

STRATEGIC JEUNY (F Bergstrand) – Raced wide throughout.

TATAMAGOUCHE (V Arnott) – Bounded at the start.

REDWOOD GARDENS (M Hagley) – Bumped at the start.

EARLY OPENER (C Spry) – Yielded ground from the 600m. Trainer C Spry advised that  connections have decided to send the gelding to Mount Isa to continue with its preparation.

CASINO JAKE (B Huppatz) – Slow into stride.

FRAYVILLE (K Cross) – Bumped at the start.


Swab samples were taken from all winners. Pre race samples were taken from MONTANA AIR, ALSOADAMAS, BARTENDER MAN, SNOWY BLACK, ANOTHER MAN’S GAIN & FRAYVILLE.




Race 5 – Jockey R Vigar was reprimanded for consecutive whip use prior to the 100m – AR137A(5)(a)(i)





D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

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